Play Guide

You can choose either by 3 persons Mahjong or by 4 persons Mahjong, and option for East round only (Tonpuusen) or for Full East-South (Hanchan). And also, select table based on ratings within your budget!!

Game rules

4 Players … Mahjong is standard played by four people.

3 Players … This version works with three persons.
The Chunchanpai is not included in Wanzu

Game type

Tonpuusen・・・Tonba only. If the "oya" sets one full round then the game is completed.

Hanchan・・・configured by Tonba, Nanba, If the "oya" sets two full rounds then the game.

Rate (Bet amount)














In Mahjong Hiroba, we established a system to reserve and not to lose the payment for odds bet. If money reservation was not arranged to hold bets, participation for the preferred rated table would not be an option and bet will be managed.

About reserved money

The payment amount positioning at the lowest point of 0 or lower would be directed to the Hakoten state. As participation for the preferred rated table would not be an option, if reserved money was not allocated prior the game.

Mahjong Hiroba basic rules
Point allotment

Tonpuusen 4 persons … 25,000 points

Tonnansen 4 persons … 25,000 points

Tonpuusen 3 persons … 35,000 points

Tonnansen 3 persons … 35,000 points


Kuitan … Applicable

Atozuke … Applicable

Kuikae … Applicable

Shibari … None

Syaanyuu … None

Turn 30,000 … None

Houra tome … None

Daburon … None. Atamahane applies

Doucle Yakuman … None

Responsibility to pay… None

Tobi … Applicable


Hyojidora … Applicable

Uradora … Applicable

Kandora … Applicable

Kanura … Applicable

5 red pinzu … 2 in case of Red Applicable table

5 red sou … 1 in case of Red Applicable table

5 red wan … 1 in case of Red Applicable table

Kitanuki … Applicable (Only for 3 mahjong)


Kyūshukyūhai … None

Yon kaze renda … Applicable

Yon kan chi ryō … Applicable

Shika-ritsu tadashi … Applicable

Mitsue wa … None

Chonbo … None


Kokushimusō ron … There is no Kura kan agari

Mahjong Hiroba basic rules

Nagashimangan rejected

If the discarded tiles is not called 1, 9, then the thrown away Jinpai is only nagashimangan, which is rejected.

Kyūshukyūhai rejected

If there are 1, 9, or other character tiles more than 9 kinds, then ryū-kyoku is the 9th kind subsequent to the 9 done tiles, this too is rejected.

Renhō rejected

Renhō is not applicable in Mahjong Hiroba.However, if it appears in the 1st hit then it only arises when there is a role in hand.

Furiten Applicable

There is a furiten

Chonbo None

Due to unavailability of Ayama Ron and Ayama Tsumo etc, the general rule remains that there is no Chonbo. Rich is not possible without Agarime, if play emerged to Rich then the Agarime replaces Chonbo.

Red Dora Applicable・None

In Mahjong Hiroba, there are tables optioned for Red Dora application. Table described as [Akayu] on the head of the table is applicable for Red Dora, and table without any descriptions are not applicable for Red Dora.

Yon kaze renda accepted

It is ryū-kyoku if everyone in the Don'nanshīpei cut the same tiles in the first hit. No conclusion is set if there was a call.

Oya Agarime without a stop

The Orasu Oya does not observe Agarime. In case somebody makes a Hako it will end the game.

Kui-gae Applicable

In case you have 234; if the Red 5 circulated in the play then the Red 5 will Qi to cut-off the 2. It would also then be possible to cut the 6 Pont 6 in the 666 possession.

Atama Hane is accepted

Without accepting the Daburon in Mahjong Hiroba, Agari is given priority to rounds from the house play that player transferred.

Three player Mahjong special rules

Kita Nuki is accepted

When the Kita Pie is [Kita Dore Nuki] then it is added as Dora.

Manzu of two to eight is not accepted

In 3 player Mahjong, the Pinzu and Souzu are similarly played like a conventional Mahjong but Manzu's rule differentiates with using only the 1 and 9, and with 2 to 8 as not accepted.

[Kita] Kaze Pie service

Harmony of Kita Pie

Harmony of Kita Pie is applicable when Jantou was used.

Qi is not accepted

There's no Qi in three players Mahjong. Only Tsumo, Kan, Pon, Ron are accepted.

It is ryū-kyoku by Yon Kaze Renda

"It is adapted even in 3 players Mahjong. In (Toncha→Nancha→Sha-Cha) (south-east-north-west)if same tiles consecutively appeared then that is the end of hand.
The Su-fu-renda in 3 players Mahjong, is adapted as if 3 same persons continues to throw Fuupai. However, squeal will not be adapted if Naki enters. Also, the Su-fu-renda dealer remains and will not be able to flow."

About Akadora

It is installed as follows Go-saku, U-pin, Uman.

  • Akagotsutsu: Selectable. 2 pcs for the Rule in red.
  • Akagoman : Selectable. 1 pc for the Rule in red.
  • Akagosaku : Selectable. 1 pc for the rule in red.

Akapai may be included to Dora. If 1 red was delivered, i-han comes. if 2 pcs were delivered, ni-han comes. And only Dora would then not be able to win.

How to choose Akadora table

There is no reservation for installation of Akadora in all tables.
When selecting Mahjong Table, it is possible to select (red table) or (non red table). Check the house game if (Red table) appeared or was indicated, confirm it prior play.

Regarding 3 players Mahjong [North]
  • holding (North) tile can rank the position and can (kita nuki) onwards.
  • when (Kita Nuki) is disengaged (North), position levels to same ranking
  • from 14 pieces of hand tile becomes 13 pieces of hand tile, It would be subtracted to one piece from King Tile.
  • When pulling King tile and win, Rinshankaiho will be acquired.
  • (Kita Nuki) as Dora will be added. The highest possible is 4 times, In that case 4 fann will be acquired.
  • In case The Dora indicates (West)only ( Kitanuki) will perform 4 times and for Dora will be 8 times
  • since (Kitanuki) is handled by Dora only then Kitanuki won't win.
  • It is the same as Dora cannot win. Yaku will be required.
  • if you go (Kita Nuki) several times you can be able to reach.
  • if you do (Kita Nuki) You can delete the Ippatsu of the player. (Ippatsu, Daburi, Chiwa etc. )
  • (kita nuki) Tehai 14 pieces from will be exeption. (when you complete Daisu-shi and not Kita Nuki, it would be necessarily to use As Tehai.
  • Normaly Kita can also be used as Hai.
  • Even you put (Kita Nuki)in Ta-cha you can't be able to get Pon.Kan
  • In case you put (kita Nuki) in Tacha, you can able to get Ron. In that case (North Dora Nuki) will be added in part to play.
  • from Yama you can declare (Kita Nuki) only if you pull Hai. after you call a discard From Ta-cha you can't be able to declare the tile reach.