Responsible gambling

Mahjong Hiroba supports the rule of responsible gaming.
If the following condition applies, please consider to discontinue the use of our site.

In addition, please set your gambling limit before any gameplay.

Regarding Minor Age category

18years old is the appropriate legal age, any under age shall not be permitted to use our site. We strictly abide by the restrictions, 18years and above are accepted by our system, otherwise misrepresentation shall be subject to ruling.

Misrepresentation on registration by anyone under 18years old, shall be punishable and be deemed for winning forfeitures. Matter shall be ruled on regulations pertaining to minors.

We will request the age proof for all visitor and we will stop temporarily the account while authority is verifying the age.

Our website are for adults only, we restricts minors, underage who violates ruling of our site are subject to be blocked and banned. Unprevented registration, shall be punishable.

Should circumstance arise, unintentional registration of a minor to Mahjong Hiroba occur, kindly advise us of the situation. Please be mindful when sharing your PC to individuals below 18years old.

In Mahjong Hiroba, we recommend players to enjoy responsible gambling. Please view our Terms and Conditions.

If the following condition applies, please consider to discontinue the use of our site.
  • Age requirement is under restriction (below 18 years old)
  • Occupational hazard, if the gaming affects your work routine.
  • With gambling addiction, or recovering from gambling addiction
  • Under alcohol intoxication, or under illegal drug substance
  • Desperation to recover gambling loss

Gambling is intended for leisure and entertainment purposes only.
In reality, some may be addicted to gambling but only few becomes dependant to gambling.

Should there be any gambling addiction detected, please contact Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare to assist the situation and help resolve the condition.

Punishment and penalties for violation of regulations

Playing in the same table with the same IP is prohibited. (the same IP is allowed but should play separately on different tables.)

Multiple accounts are prohibited. Should any duplication arise, please inform Mahjong Hiroba for fair game ruling. And to avoid conflicts, kindly specify the information details.
With your cooperation, we can prevent game irregularity and offer a fair game play.

Mahjong Hiroba secures the system, any similarity regarding play records such as the time of play and game history are monitored. Our decision shall be subject to violation ruling and penalties apply subject to the violated game play.

Punishment depend on the severity of the violation. Warning are provided to mild offence and penalties apply to winnings forfeiture. Constant violation may be subject for permanent account removal from our site.

Self-exclusion of the user

In Mahjong Logic, the minimum self-exclusion period is 6-months.

During this period, concerns on gambling addiction are advised to seek counselling to handle the condition.

We recommend for consultation. It is advisory, to consider temporary or even permanent exclusion on gaming. Mahjong Logic supports responsible gambling, GamCare can also provide the recommendation for the gaming cancellations.

Please contact if you want to close your account permanently.