About overseas gaming

Overseas, casinos are enjoyed as a matter of course in places such as Las Vegas and Macau.
In Japan, horse racing and pachinko are also commonplace pastimes.
Please see below for more information on the safety of Mahjong Hiroba.

      Trusted reason to play Mahjong Hiroba
  • Holds an official license recognized by a third-party organization.
  • Operated by Mahjong Hiroba company in a country where the law is properly enforced.
  • Constantly checked by an auditing organization to ensure that it is operating in a fair and impartial position.
  • Uses US dollars as the currency used in the games.

Operated by a company in a country where the law is in force, just like a "bookmaker" or "sportsbook", so you can play from the comfort of your home country.

We officially hold a government-approved license.

Mahjong Hiroba holds an official license granted by the Isle of Man Government and operates in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with its international license.