Fraud and irregularity

Don't worry because you will not lose your actual money rather only the lose amount in bets.

So, no worries about paying more than the amount of actual loss of bets.

Mahjong Hiroba features option to view the table rating, it displays the lose ranking before game play.

If you want to sit in the table you need to have at least "the amount of biggest defeat" This is basically 2 times of the table's amount.

In the 1USD's table, you need to have atleast 2USD to participate.
2USD means the biggest defeat amount and this is if you lose at 4th position.

In the case of both durability point 0 and -47,000 points that I have and transferred the pattern of the highest score in mahjong of the parent to at point 1,000, it is big for the mark, and a difference opens, but, even as for the point zero, neither this case finishes even a negative point by payment of 2 dollars because it is for same handling.

Does the administration side not have the injustice?

Since administration can see all the tiles, we may play illegally?
May administration pretend to be general player and play the game?

Registered with Casino license and monitored by the licensing board, Mahjong Hiroba duly comply to the regulations and shall not commit any irregularity.

Operating with official license, we fully abide to the regulations and we don't permit any irregularity as it shall be deemed for punishment and ceased of our operations.
Duly licensed and certified by the same major online casino gaming in the industry.

During random system game monitoring

Mahjong Hiroba monitors gameplay randomly to observe actual plays and at times participates too providing advisory that the sytem is in the game.

The account ID of the operator participating the game shall be displayed on the table. Should any player prefers not to play with the operator, player can choose other game tables to join.

We do not change probability intentionally

Change of the probability of the tile, nor any irregular gaming for game advantage is not incorporated in the Mahjong Hiroba.

Mahjong Hiroba is duly registered and operates as online casino gaming, our company restricts any illegal act and in laymans term we do not permit any program of irregularity. Mahjong Hiroba abides by the fair gaming law and on laymans term our license may be revoked if there would be any unauthorized activity.

Reliable gameplay thorough monitoring system

Mahjong Hiroba consistently monitors game irregularity to maintain fair gaming. Any unauthorized activity or fraud is punishable.
Punishment for game irregularity

  • User having account more than two.
  • Playing in the same table with the same IP is prohibited.
    (It is okay if the same IP plays separately on different table.)
  • We monitors gameplay on our system server screen according to IP and record which user plays together.
  • Registration of play time and game details, such as date and other players are recorded and managed by our system.
  • Punishment for game irregularity are applicable depending on the severity of the violation. Any damages shall incur penalties and be provided with a warning.

We collate these data with the cause of violation and applies the necessary punishment.
Should awareness for any irregularity be known, kindly advise Mahjong Hiroba for our onward handling. Furthermore, any details received will be confidential and will be handled according to fair gaming rules.

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