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Mahjong HirobaList of acceptable Win in Mahjong Hiroba

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Game starts right after all joining Members have settled in.

Special Position

Kita Dora Nuki

3 mahjong players is acceptable for Kita Dora Nuki. Ex: while (holding Kita) before you put Tenpai Chi-toi, then the Kita Dora can cross to discontinue the flow. Ta-cha put Kita to Ho- position is not adapted.
*Only Kita Dora Nuki won't win (same Nuki with Dora)



The next on the right who is able, has the absolute conditions to declare Ri-chi for those capable in Tenpai Mahjong.
Unusual set of standard in Mahjong; when Akai Dora is not applicable in Mahjong Hiroba then Ura Dora replaces it and positioning Kankan anticipating new players fail on Ri-chi as it is seldom acquired.

First Turn Win

After declaring Richi, a tile should be hit on one shot.
Winning on initial 'run' hand, even if contenders positioned Fuuro on mahjong streaks, the standing remains rare so before declaring Ri-chi on current round be observant of others anticipating Fuuro.
If not appearing, surely there would be such anticipation.

Final Tile Win

Is it safe not be upfront? What's the upper hand risk and who decides the winning? Put a state to be able to drop anytime if you think about RAS evasion in the field on vision and use Menzen-chintsumo is very effective.
Then point is you can quit anytime in this role. It will be good to develop a hand while discarding only safe tiles.

All Runs

The most orthodox role in Mahjong that difficult to teach to an amateur. It is a fact that It is used from a beginner to a senior from area of the waiting of the rise widely, but nowadays cut tiles can suppose to cut the current outside and inside. There's no problem if it is a Yamiten, but should declare it in consideration of vice-dew situation of the partner, an abandoned tile from early circulation if I hang reconstruction.

All simples

The stance that needs to arrange 2-8.
where there is Kuitan in Mahjong Hiroba, serious condition of winning the game quickly is considerably the orthodox position.with the big characteristic of having Kuitan in mahjong hiroba, for player who wants a Call is a nice position.


The position who is established with two kinds in same Junko in a hand tile.
You can simplify when you pull "3467" without cutting 5 with "4556" and beat while thinking about tile efficiency. The stance that can put it in the field of vision more and hit to go for an aim is a desirable position.

Value Tiles

In the early agari stance, this calue tiles is the number one.
It is very popular in Mahjong Hiroba that you will be taken care in Tonpuusen battle. Of course if the Dora is the value tiles, you can play giving pressure to you other player.

King's Tile Draw

You can finish (Agari) after Kan
In this, the luck is a big, but a tenpie by tonpuusen battle although it is no resistance at all. Begginers tend to like Kan, but where can King's Tile draw can put? In addition, expect the lose probabilities and how to collect the Dora after that?
Kan may give a big difference than King's Tile Draw.

Chankan (Ass-A-Quad)

If other house's tile is Shouminkan and it's the winning tiles. It's not that to target it or not because the appearing possibilities is very low.
If you said strong, it's a 3 Liang Ping apprears, and if other house has i-pin, they will throw the i-pin if its not needed. Well, this might happen, but can never say that you're going to have a target in this stance.

Final Tile win

If you got Agari with tsumo in the last tile. It is natural that you cannot do it by just targeting and you don't If you're going to catch the top but the points you got is not enough, It's not that you don't have to bet in Ura dora, but you cannot go to Final Tile win. Think that you are lucky if you got Agari.

Final Tile win

This is when you got Agari in the last tile.
To be honest, the appearing possibilities is 0.63%. In other house player might think about RAS tiles and you are doing Reach in their mind somehow. There's an image that 456 dangerous tiles cannot thrown easily, but in this tenpai 16 circulation may have in Mahjong. Not to the extent expectation, but might be a good idea to think in about, " Maybe ... " .

Two turned battle

Three Color Runs

This is very popular. The players who like three players mahjong usually likes tempo of hitting mahjong in three, and for players who like four players mahjong said there are three colors in four players mahjong!
When the hit put tiles efficiency and peace in the field of view , the three color runs same order do we have kept staring as one of the choices. Basically peace affects it while the player is in 2-yaku , in 4 Fan if Mangan found, it may tend to become a illusion, in reality in 20 Fuyonfann, 5200 score or 30 Fuyonfan can easily get a 7700 Score when aiming Top for the beginner must need to be careful.

Full straight

One of the difficult to handle in Mahjong is a Full straight.
Because there is a little frequence in itself, if can make it ikkitsuukan In presence, whenever you placed such as Honitsu and Chinitsu It seem to flow it in hand with a view. If that happens if became Kuiaggari , boundary line would be difficult to to pull over. It is case-by-case basis for those who want to use it properly.

Mixed outside hand

The position is not a single but should look at the Value tiles, Double-Run, Half Flush.
There's eaily got Agari such a preconception in three players Mahjong, but the truth is even in three players Mahjong the appearing possibility is lower than you think. Will be enough and good in the stance if you look to target the other position.

7 Pairs

If the distinguished person with Yakuman has been removed, Chi-toi is the Only special form.
In Mahjong Hiroba The Fuukeisan will accepted as it is, Mark in itself (Ryanhan=1,600/2,400, Sanhan=3,200/4,800 Yonhan=6,400/9,600) it will keisan as [Tsu/Ya])
Still, it is a 7 Pairs, same Kantsu (same 4 tiles) are not allowed.


If there's no Shuntsu, this position is good.
But then the appearing possibility is a low, There's a case that you can see to Half flush and Three Color Triples othe than All Simples. In Dora fu-ro, it is not rare to grow to Hane man. There's a chance that destruct to end the game in itself.

Three Concealed Triples

To ready three ankou. Think like you are targetting Toitoi or other position tiles, sometimes you got Agari by just looking at other house throw tiles. Basically, this is stick to toitoi and the hand naturally wins sometimes. In Four concealed triples tempai, there's possibility that you can get Agari by Ron. But then, it's not that you can go by just comparing it, you still need to look to other hand tiles.

Three Quads

This Three Quads's appearing possibility is low, same as Yakuman.
It sounds easy when you said "You need to do Kan 3 times" but it is not so easy even in the first place. In Mahjong Hiroba we adopt Su-kaikan so the difficult level will be high even more. In addition, the treatment of Dora is a scary. The risk will be higher if repeated of "first of all, Kan!" and Three Quads came up.

Three Color Triples

This is also same as Yakuman's appearing possibilities.
You might think "That's not at all" but even you hold at the same Anzhu, most of this case become Jantou in the end. In provisionally, even if you create Three Color Triples, it is difficult to continue. Why don't you think more when you have time?

All terminals and honors

In extension of a straight line of a Thirteen Orphans, All terminals and honors can be developed.
Even it is Two turned battle, 100% Toitoi will be appear. So the Mangan is a promise in this position. Since It is not hard position by three players in Mahjong, it is a charm Mangan decision in Mahjong Hiroba If there's no Aka Dora. Maybe It is worth going to aim?

Little Dragons

Same as All terminals and honors, the Mangan is a promise in this position.
But be cautious of characteristics of Little Dragons. If you do a Pon in white and naka, the Hatsu won't appear readily. Since Mahjong Hiroba does not have Pao, there's a case that RAS will be thrown away to be the top. In case of Kui-Sagari, while putting at least Half Flush, the place that want to avoid will be identified.

Double Ri-chi

After distributing the tiles, you will get 100% of the reach.
But this position is a very deep, you shouldn't look at your situation and hands = very rare and reach is accidentally appears. Is this a really last option? Is it possible to have a reach even I just have Liang Han? Declaring Reach will be good because you bet real money in Mahjong Hiroba.

3 truned battle

Half Flush

The hand will look at this from the changes, but in the end it is about to target so that you can create an Half Flush.
In Mahjong Hiroba that there's no Aka Dora, it is a chance to make a powerful hands and if you get Dora or Value tiles there is a change that you can get Agari by Mangan.
You can't avoid from easy to be identified thown-colored-tiles, but this case sometimes can be the finish hand in a second. If you want to be a top, you should have this.


All Shuntsu, Antsu, Jantou are included in 1 and 9. It feels a little ticklish in the 3 turned battle, the hands is difficult to raise more than Yakuman.
Basically It cannot be expect also when targetting in different position, The risk is very high nevertheless because it is all under four or five, six. But the frequency of that position and the looks may have the popularity. Is the scene to go to aim at some conventional online games if partial, or to hesitate about severe a little in the Mahjong Hiroba where money suffers?

2 Double Runs

This appearing possibility is also low and hard to targetting. But you can get the target from that position, here just going high, just hit roundly and the flexibility works unexpectedly. But that 2 double runs is difficult to decide, the hands may big and most of the case will become One runs in the end.

6 turned battle

Full Flush

If you were said "Ron!" and having same colors, it is a position that destructive power that is overwhelming in mahjong so that the inside of the head becomes blank.
From the Dora and Kui-sagari, it is possible to see the Hane Man. Of course the crucial move is necessary for the readiness to cut a dangerous tile steadily because I have heat so as to end a station. Of course a tenpie is a game, but ishanten and Liang Shan Ten are places to hesitate about a little.


Thirteen Orphans

In Mahjong Hiroba that don't adopt Nine gates, player may often aim Thirteen Orphans positively, so it is higher than other mahjong games at the opportunity to see it. Thirteen Orphans is a easiest in the Yakuman, but still the incidence is very law. Just look at the first Zhu and if the hands don't match, you can betaori at the end.

Four concealed triples

Basically, the Yakuman is not going to targetting, but this characteristic is that you will target it possible as you can this is the point of Yakuman. Pattern of the highest score in mahjong to appear when it is right in front as possible and wants to leave it although I beat while considering the pairs sum.
In Mahjong Hiroba, the double Yakuma of Four concealed triples is not adopted, the Tanki agari is the basic Yakiman. Of course the Ron rise except the going alone on horseback becomes the pairs sum as usual.

Big dragons

The only Yakuman that can aim deflection of the hand tile on an extension line of the winning the game quickly.
If you took each 2 white Hatsu, it can be a Big dragons but in Mahjong Hiroba, there's no Pao. So the RAS player might come to attact more. On the contrary, if we targetting 2nd place, and there's your partner that trgetting 1st place and it has a Big dragons, If it is an aura, as for the need to go down, the element becomes less than the normal mahjong in the Mahjong Hiroba.

Small Four winds

If the Big dragons, Four concealed triples, Thirteen Orphan are "easy" to appear, the other Yakuman is not. The small four winds is easy to compare but then its not easy to appear in the hands. Element itself depends on the luck if it's big, it may be one way of enjoying that go to aim to watch the novelty if unbalanced.

Big Four winds

A position that proud of the degree of difficulty in the Yakuman.
Please be causious because it may compare to a small four winds and it's a common to have a double Yakuman but in Mahjong Hiroba the Big Four winds are a normal Yakuman. But even said this, this position won't appear easily, please keep it that to your mind even in a small place.

All honors

When the letter tiles are biased significantly , Yakuman you see in the hand " Kon'itsu color , all pungs" discarded run on greed to rise in front of the eyes of the " sense to issue the greed " is asked.
Extensively hits was shouldering a big risk that cut the tiles to the end if still rip, " Kon'itsu color , all pungs " be misled. Also manly swing to the beat determined in the early stages would detract significantly the possibility of a rise out . It shows office of greed .

All green

So-zu of are only made by the green hand.
It can be completed without including theoretically and may have to include depending on a rule by all means more. In Mahjong Hiroba, even there's no Hatsu it automatically included in Yakuman.

All terminals

It is the 1-9 arrange yakuman. It is difficult in four player Mahjong, but when three player Mahjong the Manzu of 2-8 will be more possible to have. But then, it is not easily to have in Yakuman. However, unbalanced on an extension line of the shooting that put all pairs sum + blend obis nine in some fields of vision and can aim at depending on addition and subtraction.

Nine gates

Also Nine gates can a little be change in a Yakuman
In Mahjong Hiroba, we don't adopt a nine place hits which can be a double Yakuman local rules
You will be concious like… Is Nine gates a Manu? In Mahjong Hiroba, we have all Nine gates like Manzu, souzu, and Pinzu.

Four quads

Highest score in mahjong of the urban legend class. As for and you should do four times of perception explanation, it is very easy, but there is not it almost at an opportunity to really see it.
Probability that is about the same as pattern of the highest score in mahjong having high incidence in three lower-grade four pieces stochastically. The probability making Kan once again will be more than expected.

Blessing of heaven

The pattern of the highest score in mahjong that I can often look if it is double reconstruction, but is said to be a one-330,000th stochastically.
However, as for the person who have started it, mahjong population has watched in predominantly much Japan here and there. The pattern of the highest score that the human does not do it at a place of the mahjong for money if I really do it in one of eyes, or to doubt.

Blessing of earth

If you finished with 1st Tsumo When only a Zhu.
Most of the player think that blessing of heaven and earth are very rare, but the Blessing of earth is entirely higher than Tenhou (Blessing of heaven). But obviously this is 100% low luck, so better to pray when this will be your hand.
We should see these "yakuman" once in a life.

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