Game Screen

Lobby screenLet's find your table!

The visual screen is displayed upon log in to Mahjong Hiroba
Choose options for Mahjong table, payment methods and other various settings.

Mahjong HirobaLobby screen
Mahjong Hirobaメインメニュー
Main Menu

After logged in, you can invite friends or change your Mahjong table or option to other various settings.

You can check it by just clicking the "Main Menu" displayed below the Mahjong Hiroba's logo.

Mahjong Hiroba Header Menu
Header Menu

Header Menu and lobby screen are on display even during game play.

Other than the profile information and payment options, it also has review display of the tables that you were observing.

Mahjong HirobaTable that you are viewing
Table that you are viewing

"You can confirm the information of a table holding a tournament and the future details of tournaments to be held as displayed at the "play" "tournament" tab in the main menu. "

After clicking a list item, you can view the game events from the detailed information of each table to be displayed on the right side bar, you can also see the participation conditions of the tournament.

Mahjong Hiroba User Profile
User Profile

You can check your registered information and balance.

Payment screen will pop-up when you click the payment button.

Play screenEasy to view due to full screen support display.

Easy to view due to full screen support display.
Automatically displays in the upper screen when Pon and Riichi are available. Also, you can chat with other users through the messege window shown in the left side corner of the screen.

Mahjong HirobaPlay screen
Payment ScreenWe accept payment methods such as Credit Cards and iWallet

We accept payment methods such as Credit Cards and iWallet

Mahjong HirobaPayment screen
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